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Meadow Wood Farm is dedicated to providing sustainably raised, high quality, and nutritionally balanced food. We believe that through sustainable practices we can grow food with a net zero and even a net negative carbon impact. We are a family farm that is committed to our community, our land, and our customers. For us farming isn't a hobby it is a life calling and one that we are dedicated to every hour of every day. 
Transparency in farming is a core tenet for us because everyone should know exactly the conditions their food has been raised in to think consciously about the environmental impact of their diet. We have an open farm policy and will answer any and all questions about our practices.

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Shane grew up in Northwest Oklahoma on his family farm that ran for four generations, through the Depression and Dust Bowl. In 2016, Shane relocated to the Valley to learn holistic, regenerative farming practices at Polyface Farm. In 2018, Shane started Meadow Wood Farm while continuing to contract farm for Polyface. Since then he has grown his business to raising lamb, duck, rainbow trout, and vermicompost. His passion for healing the land through regenerative practices is visible to any who asks him a question about his work.

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