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Shane grew up in Northwest Oklahoma on his family farm that ran for four generations, through the Depression and Dust Bowl. In 2016, Shane relocated to the Valley to learn holistic, regenerative farming practices at Polyface Farm. In 2018, Shane started Meadow Wood Farm while continuing to contract farm for Polyface. Since then he has grown his business to raising lamb, duck, rainbow trout, and vermicompost. His passion for healing the land through regenerative practices is visible to any who asks him a question about his work.

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Jessica Linton didn't grow up thinking she was going to be a farmer but after studying environmental sustainability at JMU and serving in the Peace Corps in Senegal teaching sustainable agriculture there was no better calling. At Meadow Wood Farm, Jessie is responsible for snuggling all the baby lambs and writing all of the emails and blog posts. Jessie is our floral designer and grower, often found trying to sneak new flower seeds into the greenhouse without Shane noticing.