Our Pekin cross ducks are raised in Salatin shelters on fresh pasture. They are moved daily and fed locally grown, non-GMO feed to augment their diet of bugs and grass.
Our ducklings come from a hatchery in California so by their 3rd day of life they have already traveled further than Shane ever has! It shocks many of our customers that our ducklings come in the mail. When we pick them up from the post office they are in cardboard boxes, full of holes, thirsty and ready to stretch their duck legs. They then live in our brooder for a few weeks before they get moved out into the big world, aka our pastures.
Once they are on pasture, it is a veritable ducks paradise; endless fresh grass, plentiful water, and room to quack around. Ducks love water so we often come out for chores to find that they have found a way to make a puddle to play in. Once our ducks have grown and reached the 7-8 week mark they are processed by us in an on farm, USDA certified processing station. 
Duck processing is a little different than chickens because of their duck feathers. Duck feathers are more water resistant than chicken feathers so we have to dip them in wax after putting them in the kill cones. From there the ducks get a quick wax to pull every pin feather then are gutted and quality controlled.

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